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If you would like to make your floor to be slip-resistant, one of the concrete finishing options you should consider is the groom finish. This is a finishing technique that involves dragging a broom on the surface of the concrete. The broom can also be swirled to provide a swirl finish. Broom finishing method leaves the surface with a shallow and grooved texture that ensures that tires and shoes don’t skid or slip on an icy or wet slab.

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Even though brooming is as easy as sweeping, concrete contractors use a special broom to finish this type of concrete, these brooms come with unique properties that make them suitable for providing your surface with a textured finish. The brooms used in concrete finishing have bristles that provide consistent shapes and lengths as compared to the ordinary brooms. When the bristles are consistent, you are more likely to get a consistent rent finish. Here are ideas for choosing a broom for concrete finishing.


The handle of the broom will affect its finishing. A normal broom is usually attached to a handle fixed on a wooden handle. On the other hand, the broom used in concrete finishing has the handle fixed with a clevis adapter and can, therefore, be adjusted to provide a pitch. The bristles used in a concrete broom are usually softer than those of the standard broom, even though the coarsest concrete brooms are usually rougher.


You will not need a finishing broom to be too stiff. This is because a very stiff broom will end up digging into the concrete surface. The ordinary brooms are, therefore, not a good substitute. This is because the normal push broom is usually very stiff with too much body, making it unsuitable for a finishing job.

A bristle tufts often consist of 5 to 6 rows as compared to the finishing rush that a finishing broom has. Many times, the aggregate will be exposed by a push broom. As compared to the finishing broom, a push broom will also be too heavy. It will end up digging into a slab, leaving it uneven. On top of this, a finishing broom has been designed to texture with the side of bristles instead of the end. It will pull away from the cream when you use the bristle’s end on the slab, leaving the aggregate exposed.

The bristle itself is a key consideration in a broom for finishing. If the broom has consistent and strong bristles, it will work very well. You should use a softer bristle broom if the contractor is soon getting on the floor space. To achieve a rougher finish, use brooms with stiffer bristles.

If you want to achieve a slip-resistant texture, you should use a slip-resistant broom. Remember that the roughness of the surface will depend on the stiffness of the bristles. Your concrete contractor will choose a broom for concrete finishing depending on the type of finish they would like to achieve.

Contractors who reside in a colder area will mostly prefer a broom with stiffer bristles. Where the driveway or sidewalk is coated with winter ice, the concrete contractor should make the surface rough to prevent accidents. If your area is warm, a soft bristle broom will create the necessary traction.

Brushes with softer bristles are a good choice for achieving a beautiful finish. This means that they are the perfect choice for use in areas where roughness is needed. However, a stiffer brush can help to make a decorative swirl finish unique. When you opt for a brush with soft bristles, it will be hard to see the strokes of the brush.

Specialty Tools

There are concrete brushes and broom that are more specialized. The concrete brushes tend to get attached to the bull floats, Fresno trowels, and finishing tools. When making the pass out, the edge of the bull float gets tilted up, making the brush to rise above the slab. During the return trip, the Fresno or bull float gets titled down, bringing the finishing gun into contact with the slab and providing it with a uniform texture. The brush should be attached to the Fresno or bull float at a point that pivots freely.

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