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A foundation is the part of a building that connects it to the ground. It transfers weight from the building to the ground below it. A concrete foundation can be deep or shallow, depending on the size of the building. You cannot afford to make mistakes when laying down a concrete foundation, as it is the basis of your structure. Errors at this point can be quite costly.

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Concrete foundations are one of the hardest and most durable foundations in the world. Steel reinforcement is used to prevent cracking and enhance the durability of the foundation. Other materials used in the construction of concrete foundation include cement or lime, sand, and water.

Activities in Construction of Concrete Foundation

The construction of a concrete foundation can be broken down into several steps. The steps include:

  • Marking the foundation’s layout
  • Excavation
  • Leveling
  • Lean concrete placement
  • installation of formworks
  • Steel placement
  • Concrete pouring
  • Curing

Types of Concrete Foundations

The purpose of the slab determines the choice of a concrete foundation.


This is a traditional foundation that is built to support a structure in areas with shallow temperatures. First, a footing is installed below the frost level, and the walls are constructed above it. Usually, the footing is wider than the wall to provide extra support at the foundation. The next step is building the walls, and finally pouring the slab on the space between the walls. The foundation is allowed to cure.

Frost Protected

This type of foundation works well with a heated structure. Frost protected foundation relies on the application of two sheets of polystyrene insulation. One layer is laid on the outside of the slab, and the other one on the bed of gravel that is at the base of the wall. The rigid insulation sheets are used to prevent freezing, a common problem associated with slab-on-grade foundations. The polystyrene material holds heat from the ground below the footing and minimizes heat loss from the other end on the slab. This helps maintain ground temperature around the foundation.


A slab is a layer of concrete that is several inches thick. This type of foundation has a thicker slab on the edges, which forms a sturdy footing. The slab is placed on a layer of crushed gravel to improve on drainage. Slab-on-grade has a wire mesh sandwiched in the concrete to reduce the possibilities of cracking. This type of slab is suitable for areas that do not freeze. If used in areas with low temperatures, insulation should be used to prevent it from the effects of frost heaves.

Benefits of Concrete Foundations

Low Maintenance

Concrete foundations call for little or no maintenance. It has a high resistance to decay and rot. Also, they have a long lifespan.


Concrete foundations are sturdy, which makes them preferable to most homeowners. Their strength makes them a safe choice of a foundation. No one wants a house with a shaky foundation.


Concrete foundations are strong, and they prevent basement water problems and possible leakages. Concrete is also fire resistant, which helps in containing a fire in case of accidents, giving the residents time to evacuate.


Most homeowners rush to install a concrete foundation without spending time understanding how it should be laid down or the best procedures for establishing the foundation. Most rush to engineers after they’ve started experiencing problems with the foundation. You can be one of the few homeowners who take time to learn more about concrete foundations and go a step further to involve professionals from the onset of your project. Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. has professionals who are ready to work on your project.

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