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One of how you can transform the look of your backyard is by adding an entertainment space. This is a beautiful addition that can help you turn your night into a star-gazing haven. On top of this, you can enhance the functionality of the outdoor space with a special fire put. Whether you need a place to roast your food items or add to the glow of your pool parties, a stone, brick, or concrete pit can add a great ambiance to space.

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After deciding to add a backyard pit, you can decide to determine the right fit for your family. You will want to know the factors to consider in choosing the right outdoor fireplaces. Here are some of them.

Your Space

You will need to consider how much space you have and decide what you are ready to accommodate. It is advisable to leave enough space between the Fireplace and other structures. This will ensure that your structures remain safe. It will also provide you with enough room for putting chairs and even walking around the Fireplace.

Choice of Fuel

The fuel of the firepit is a consideration if you are limited by space. Some of the commonly used sources of fuel are natural gas, wood, and propane. Wood requires a lot of space if space is properly ventilated or if you have a lot of room to stay away from the wind. Since they require basic installation, wood fireplaces are often semi-permanent.


One of the benefits of a wood fire pit is that it will put you in an outdoor mood and leave you with some refreshing memories above the campfire. You may need to ask your masonry contractor to use a metallic liner inside the concrete stone or block so that the masonry doesn’t turn black as a result of the smoke, heat, or ash. Liners can also serve to make the heat move upwards, increasing the heat produced by the fire pit.

Natural Gas

It would be best if you only considered this fireplace is your home is connected to natural gas. Since a line will need to be run from the home to the pit, you will have an installation that is more permanent than the other options. With a gas-fueled fire pit, you will have more control of the heat and flame. They are, therefore, a good choice for small areas. There are two key benefits of natural gas over propane. You will not need to fill a tank or keep monitoring the supply. The other benefit is that natural gas costs less than propane. Both natural and propane fire pits are a good choice for creating the right ambiance. However, they aren’t a good choice for warmth.

Choice of Materials

When building your outdoor fire pit, you will have a wide range of materials to choose from. Some of the common materials include brick, veneer stone, and concrete. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and finishes. Stones and bricks are available in various tones. On the other hand, you can finish concrete using a wide range of colors.

Choosing a Masonry Contractor

If you would like to have a functional and beautiful outdoor fireplace in Encinitas, you will need to choose the right masonry contractor.

If you are searching for one, you should contact Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. at (760) 283-6733 for free estimates.