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Railroad ties retaining walls are a great option for people who need to build a wall quickly. They are often used when building railroads and can be found at railroad yards in Encinitas, CA. The experts of Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. will give you the information you need about railroad ties retaining walls to make an informed decision on what type of wall is best for your project. 

If you are looking for railroad ties retaining walls in Encinitas, CA, then get in touch with Encinitas Pro Concrete Co professionals. Call (760) 283-6733 to get started. We offer free estimates for concrete and masonry projects.

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What Are Railroad Ties Retaining Walls?

The railroad ties retaining walls are a great way to create an attractive landscape design feature. They also provide additional stability for the soil. The railroad tie wall is typically built with blocks or concrete and then filled with the desired dirt, gravel, or rocks.

Railroad ties are an economical alternative to other retaining wall materials. They can be cut into any length desired and come in two widths; 6 inches or 12 inches. Railroad ties are made of wood and require no special tools to install. The installation process is very simple, using basic tools like a shovel, saw drill, hammer, and nails/screws.

Railroad ties are inexpensive, easy to install, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. A railroad tie retaining wall will provide you with years of service that can’t be matched by ordinary wood or plastic materials. The only downside is that they require more labor than other materials, such as concrete blocks purchased in pre-made sections.

How Experts of Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. Install Railroad Ties Retaining Walls

Step 1: Measure out where the client wants the railroad tie retaining wall to go using stakes for reference points on each end that should be at least 3 feet deep into the ground.

Step 2: Dig holes for each stake using a shovel to place the railroad ties into each hole. If we are using railroad ties that are 12 inches wide, we make sure to space them at least 18 inches apart from one another.

Step Three: We set the railroad tie retaining wall in place and secure it with four nails or screws on each side of the railroad tie. For best results, we use exterior grade screws and drill a hole through the railroad tie first.

Step Four: Fill in behind the railroad tie retaining wall with rocks, gravel, or dirt depending on the clients’ landscaping. Suppose you plan to plant grass, then it is best to use soil instead of rock as topsoil is better suited for growing healthy grass.

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When your backyard needs a well-deserved makeover, it’s time to call Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. Our company specializes in constructing railroad ties retaining walls and offers other projects, including patio slabs and foundations. Our experienced team will meet with you to discuss the project and help you select the best materials for your needs. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality service at an affordable price!

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