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You don’t want to remove your old concrete, yet you still want it to give it a new and fresh look. The good news is that you don’t have to remove it. It is possible to resurface the majority of concrete driveways and paths, saving you a lot of money and time. By resurfacing your concrete, you can revitalize an old-looking concrete and leave it looking new again. This is also an economical and practical way of making your home livable and enhancing its value. 

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When you resurface concrete, you are adding a decorative layer to it. You can do this using an overlay system that is modified with polymers or overlays based on cement. One of the benefits of the overlays that are based on polymers is that they can blend well with sand, cement, and other forms of additives, enhancing the performance, resistance to wear, and the overall appearance.

The products and processes required need to vary slightly, depending on the kind of surface. For instance, the over concrete resurfacing compound is a good choice for adding decorative coating and should be applied in thin coats. It is also possible to apply other products like floor levelers to a maximum thickness of 30 millimeters. In case the surface requires to be filled in holes that are bigger than 3 mm, it would be better to use a floor leveler before coating.

Concrete Resurfacing Options

You can get a wide range of designs, textures, and colors for concrete resurfacing. Some of the popular options are brick, granite, sandstone, paved, and brick finishes. To create a warm or aged look, you can use different colors.

What are Your Restrictions

If there are any pre-existing coatings, these need to be ground off before the concrete resurfacing as the adhesion can be affected by the compatibility of the coatings. Even though it’s possible to cover small cracks when resurfacing, you will need to repair larger cracks before doing resurfacing. A silica or epoxy mix is a good choice for the repair of small to medium cracks.

However, it would help if you remembered that crack repair comes with no guarantee. If there is movement in the concrete and it re-cracks, this will result in the concrete resurfacing. In case there is structural damage on the concrete like an underlying movement of soil, the problem cannot be solved with resurfacing. What is even more important is to ensure that there is a good foundation for the concrete resurfacing job.

If the base concrete is flaky, dusty, chalky, or weak, this might cause the lifting off of the concrete. When this happens, you will need additional preparation to grind off the cement laitance to help you get a solid foundation you can work with.

Cost of Concrete Resurfacing

The amount spent on concrete resurfacing will depend on the surface level needed, size of the space that needs to be resurfaced, and your choice of resurfacing products. If you need the surface to have a bolder color that is different from the main color, it will increase. If, on the other hand, you are comfortable with a blanket spray across the whole surface, it will be cost-effective. 

If the job needs additional leveling before applying a concrete surfacing compound, it will cost more. On the other hand, a smooth and well-finished surface will be more cost-effective. In conclusion, concrete resurfacing is an affordable and effective way of bringing life to the surface. 

For all your concrete resurfacing needs, get in touch with Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. at (760) 283-6733 for free estimates.