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If you desire to replace your old lawn or you’re looking to install a new lawn on your residential or commercial property, then it’s best to seek professional help in getting it done right the first time. Our landscapers are highly experienced in lawn installation and can give your property a look to assess the best lawn variety for your unique situation.

From residential lawns to commercial turfs, we lay it all down for you, ensuring a flawless delivery within your scheduled time frame. Give us a call today at 760-283-6733, and let us give you gorgeous green lawns that would make your property look incredible.

Installing Turf On Your Property

When we at Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. are assessing your project, our professional will first determine just how much turf you will require and discuss all options for grass varieties that will complement your needs or requirements. Your old lawns, along with weeds, might be doused with a killing agent to ensure they do not regrow. This action could mean getting extra soil to place over the old soil. 

Turf Grass Varieties For San Diego Area

You can’t grow any kind of grass anywhere. Some varieties of grass do better in certain areas based on climate and soil type. Here are the most commonly used and suitable grass varieties for your turf installation project in the San Diego area: 


Bermudagrass is a very common grass type for most lawns as it is a warm-season grass that is tough and resilient. It is resistant to drought, heat, and even saltwater, and is quite easy to maintain. This variety of grass grows quickly and needs just about an inch of water to thrive. It is a durable grass that would work great for almost all situations.

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue is a great variety of grass that is also tolerant of disease, drought, and heat despite being a cool-season grass. Tall fescue has deep roots, which are great for it as it is able to get water and nutrients from deep within the soil, and it also doesn’t need as much fertilizer as some other grass types do help it to grab water and nutrients from deep within the soil. This grass also doesn’t need as much fertilizer as other grass types.


St. Augustine is a great choice of lawn grass for warm areas as it is very tolerant of drought. It’s a quick-growing grass type that has a thick, lush appearance. With this variety of grass, you will need to maintain it often with regular mowing and fertilizer applications. 

Let’s Get Started On Your Lawn

Whether you’ve got a green thumb and enjoy doing some garden work by yourself in your yard or you can’t stand doing any form of gardening, give us a call at 760-283-6733 and let’s help you install beautiful lush grass that would make your yard look amazing!

The great thing about turf installation is that you can even opt for the fake grass version, which is a kind of plastic that is heat resistant, requires minimal maintenance and cleaning while offering you the loom and feel of real lawn grass. Many homeowners and business owners are investing in synthetic grass to resolve their lawn issues and reduce their water bills.

At Encinitas Pro Concrete Co., we understand that a nice yard makes your home much better, boosting aesthetics and curb appeal, and even property value. Let us handle all your turf installation projects in Encinitas and make your home the cynosure of all eyes.