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If you are searching for a way to make your masonry wall in Vista look better, you will have a wide range of options. Your choice of finish should be in line with your desired look, the climatic condition, and structure type.

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Professional concrete contractors should only install many of the options. Before you can begin, you should get in touch with a masonry contractor to find out if you are in line with the building codes. Here are some common ways of finishing your masonry wall.


This is a good choice for creating a finished look in an interior masonry wall. This kind of wall requires a moisture barrier between the masonry wall and its frame to ensure that humidity and condensation are kept under control, particularly in the basement.


This is a good choice for homeowners who love a brick appearance. To achieve it, the concrete contractor will put add a thin facing of a real or veneer brick. You can find brick veneers with a thickness that ranges from a half to four inches. Mortar is used to apply the thick veneer. Since this job can be complicated, it should be left to a qualified and experienced masonry contractor.


You, masonry contractor, can add concrete to the surface of the wall. Stucco refers to a material that is made using sand, Portland cement, water, and lime. The materials can be bought while premixed, or you can choose to premix it at home. Stucco installation requires you to start by preparing a frame, and this can be tough to apply. Therefore, it is advisable to work with an experienced concrete contractor. Applying two stucco coats is usually enough. You can use pigments to paint the top color. To achieve different textures, you can use different finishing tools. You can also find artificial stucco systems that can be applied to the contractor.

Sealer or Paint

You can choose to seal or paint your masonry wall. Some of the steps to follow when doing so include:

  • Start by cleaning the surface of the wall using a brush. You can then wash it with a detergent or degreaser. The next step involves vacuuming the wall to get rid of dirt or dust remains. If you find white efflorescence material on the wall, apply muriatic acid using a stiff brush. It would be best if you were cautious when using the solution
  • Use hydraulic cement to repair cracks and holes in walls
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying a sealant

After sealing the wall and allowing it to dry, it’s time to paint it. Instead of one thick coat, it is advisable to use several thin coats. Remember that some paints are suitable for use in the interiors while others are for exterior use. Some paints are also specifically made for masonry. After application, you should give the paint time to dry and also cure. A new surface of the masonry wall can change your area of the home into a livable space.


You can also apply wood paneling on your masonry wall. This can be done by attaching furring strips to the walls using ramset or adhesive. You can apply the adhesive horizontally at the bottom or top of your walls before adding vertical strips after every 16 inches. You can add foam between the furring strips to add insulation. It would be best if you finally used nails to attach wood paneling.

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