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A flagstone patio is usually made of a common material that is referred to as flagstone. This is a unique stone that is a great choice for creating a custom look in the nearby setting. There are various options for flagstone patios. One of the options is to consider whether to choose a covered patio or not.

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While you may opt for a covered patio, this option can be more costly. If, on the other hand, you need an uncovered patio, you will need to consider various options, including how they are shaped.

Why Choose Flagstone Patios

Flagstone patios come with various benefits to homeowners. First, it provides a rustic look for homeowners searching for a natural way of decorating their homes. On top of this, the flagstone comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and this means each flagstone patio will look different from the other.

You can even opt for a free form flagstone patio but with curved edges to create a natural appearance. You can use this design option to pave the pathway leading to the flagstone patio. Even though it will be harder to add this feature, it will leave you with a natural look.

On top of their beautiful appearance, flagstone patios require little maintenance. In most cases, all that is needed is to sweep off any debris from a patio to ensure that it maintains the original color. You can clean the flagstone patio, but you should avoid using harsh chemicals. All you need to do is carry out pressure washing using a simple hose several times in a year.

It’s never easy to install a flagstone patio, so the job is best left to an expert masonry contractor. One of the things that the contractor should do is to ensure that he or she starts by leveling the area. They should then create a base of about two inches. You can make adjustments from the stone’s thickness even as you move on with the project.

Areas to Use Flagstone Patios

If you are wondering where to use flagstone patios, here are a few areas you can consider:

Patio Flooring and Stepping Stones

You can use a flagstone with a size of one to half an inch thick as the patio flooring or stepping stone. You can lay the flagstone directly on the soil or a bed made of sand. If the slabs are thinner, you can lay these on the wet mortar or concrete so that cracking doesn’t happen when you step on these. You can fill the space between the flagstones with irregular shapes using ground cover plants or pea gravel. Some of the plants that are good for this purpose are creeping thyme, dwarf mondo grass, and dymondia margaretae.

When flagstone gets raid in a tightly fitted pattern of design, the gaps and seams are filled with mortar. To create a smoother and even surface, you can butt pieces together, making a great pattern for patios.

Patio Walls

While flagstone isn’t commonly used as a walling material, it can be stacked together to create a naturally appearing low wall. This is available in various colors, from black slate to white sandstone. You can also blend flagstone with other hardscaping elements. One of the options of building flagstone walls is by mortaring or dry stacking them. There are several benefits of using mortar that holds stone together:

  • This can be constructed in small areas that need a wall
  • A great choice for spots that require durable and sturdy walls
  • Creates stronger retaining and freestanding walls

Choosing the Right Flagstone Patio

You can go to your local stone yard to determine the materials available and the one that you find beautiful for your project. By picking stones from a local yard, you can find something that will blend well with the environment. The material will also be readily available if you happen to run out of concrete. You will find these stones and similar pieces at a local dealer if you choose to construct some additional hardscape features.

Because flagstone is a common material in flooring, you should consider the activity that will take place before you can invest. If it’s for a front driveway or sidewalk, think of the people walking on the surface. Will anyone be using a wheelchair? If yes, you will need to choose an even and smooth paving option.

To help you make the right choice, you should speak to a qualified and experienced concrete contractor.

If you need one, you should contact Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. at (760) 283-6733 for free quotes.

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