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Concrete leveling is the process of correcting an uneven surface by modifying the foundation on which the floor sits upon. It is a cheaper alternative to replacing the entire foundation. Before diving into concrete leveling, it is important to understand why concrete sink. A concrete foundation is only as strong as the soil below it. With time, the soil may compact or erode, leaving a void. This leads to the sinking of the concrete slab.

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Depressions may form in spaces with accumulated moisture, even in the most perfectly poured concrete. The concrete slab could also raise due to pressure exerted from underneath it, such as a tree trunk. You will have to repair the dips and raised slabs before the imperfections become deeper and serious structural issues. Also, if you are planning to install a floor, the concrete needs to be leveled.

Concrete leveling is used to repair various concrete surfaces, including interior slabs, porches, driveways, pools, and sidewalks.

Concrete Leveling Methods


It is also known as slab jacking. This method uses a mud concrete mixture known as a slurry. The slurry is poured into the depressions to raise the concrete floor to the same levels. Mudjacking has several advantages, including the cost-friendly, low-pressure lifting of the slab, and it is environmentally friendly. With mudjacking, the floor is filled without leaving any air pockets Mudjacking takes days to cure. It is also prone to wash-out and erosion.


It is also referred to as foam jacking. Sunken concrete can be raised with a two-component polymer product designed to work in moist and dry conditions. The polymer is injected into the concrete slabs through small holes drilled on the slab. After application, the poly level flows across the slab filling every crack and crevice on the soil. The compound expands and hardens quickly, leveling the concrete foundation above it and compressing the soil below the floor.

The polymer is waterproof, which means it will never be washed away. Also, it can withstand extreme temperatures meaning it won’t degrade with time. The best advantage of all is that the polymer cures within minutes.

Concrete Leveler

It is a user-friendly compound which spreads across uneven grounds, filling any depressions, and creating a leveled surface. A concrete leveler is a self-leveling product that begins to heal with remarkable strength and speed once set. In ideal conditions, you can start walking on it or installing the floor within hours of application. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. A concrete leveler simplifies the otherwise demanding and tricky job.

Benefits of Leveling

Floor leveling is a better and simpler alternative to the replacement of the entire foundation. Here are some of the benefits of floor leveling.

Minimal Disruptions

Leveling the floor uses minimal equipment. The residents can continue with their activities during the procedure, as there are minimal disturbances and noise.

Reduced Costs

For a concrete replacement, you will be required to hire people to demolish the slabs. You will also incur additional charges for cleaning up and disposing of the debris, stabilizing the soil, and installing another slab. However, you will only hire a few people with leveling, and you will continue operating normally in a few hours or days.


Leveling a small section can be done on your own. However, repairing a large area calls for special equipment and expert knowledge. Those who undertake such projects by themselves risk breaking the concrete or worsening the problem. At Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. has superior concrete leveling technology.

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