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If you are thinking of a way of designing your landscape in Rancho Santa Fe, you need first to understand that two elements make an outdoor living space. These are the soft cape and the hardscape. Hardscape refers to the hard surfaces of the yard and includes stone, bricks, and concrete. On the other hand, soft cape refers to soft and growing things like shrubs, perennial flowers, trees, and succulents.

One of the reputed names is Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. Call us today at (760) 283-6733 to discuss your project.

In an ideal situation, a well-balanced yard should have a balance between soft cape and hardscape. If your front yard has a lot of hardscapes, it will compromise your curb appeal and affect your property’s value. If you have too much hardscape in your backyard, you will not have a relaxing atmosphere that feels like paradise. On the other hand, if there is a lot of soft cape in your yard, it might look like a jungle. The fauna can get out of control, requiring to be pruned. Here are a few things that you need to know about your hardscape and soft cape project in Rancho Santa Fe.

Hardscape Elements

Hardscape can consist of hard elements such as stones, paving, and grave. This element constitutes of inanimate objects that remains solid and doesn’t change. Some other key examples of this element include patios, driveways, retaining wall, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, decks, and water features. These features can either be human-made or natural.

Your choice of a hardscaping material will have a different effect on the environment. Pavements that form part of the hardscape can prevent water from getting soaked into the soil and improve its flow. This can cause contaminants to get into the stream. Some porous materials can make water to get soaked into the soil. 

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Yard

With proper planning, you can turn a small yard into a well-designed space with a soft cape and hardscape elements. Bear in mind that the vertical spaces can be a good choice for growing trees and shrubs. You can also use them to hang planters on the fence or wall. The raised pedestals and planters will draw your attention upwards and will help you economize on your space. Your masonry contractor can place pavers in a small curve or around the corners to create the bigger yard feeling.

You will need a concrete contractor who can help you make good use of the hardscape features. If you have a low retaining wall, it can be an extra seat for your small yard and hold herbs. Ground covers that are low-growing and sturdy can withstand foot traffic. To create a good balance, a soft cape can be used on retaining walls and pavers.

Use Hardscape in Areas Affected by Drought

If you live in an area where drought is a common phenomenon, you will need to rethink and change your landscape. Instead of using a beautiful lawn that will then die off during drought, you can think of how to use hardscape wisely. For instance, dead grass can be replaced with pavers, pea gravel, or concrete.

It would be best if you spoke to a qualified concrete contractor in Rancho Santa Fe to learn more about how to use hardscape in your compound. 

One of the reputed names is Encinitas Pro Concrete Co. Call us today at (760) 283-6733 to discuss your project.